The Waiting is Almost Over We have spent months agonizing over every last detail in our effort to make the GolfBoard the greatest electric vehicle for golf the world has ever seen – Then we made it even better
The modular design of the GolfBoard makes it virtually maintenance-free, which is why we offer a Best-In-Class ONE FULL YEAR ‘Bumper-to-Bumper’ warranty! Shipping in June.

golfboard factory

Consider these Key GolfBoard features:

-New Gear Motors rated at 10-year usable life
-Lithium-Ion Battery rated at 6-year usable life
-22-inch wide deck ensures Safety and Stability
-Fully Recharges in only 2 HOURS!
-4WD Posi-Traction
-Turf Tires always gentle on precious golf course turf


Will YOUR Course Be Offering GolfBoards?

Let’s face it – the GolfBoard is what golf has been waiting for. Haven’t we all played enough 5-hour rounds, getting cold between shots and actually feeling … well … a little bored by about the 14th tee?

golfer riding golfboard

I ask – does this look boring to you?

GolfBoard will change all that and YOU can help! Check with your Club Pro or Manager and see if they are on board with GolfBoard! Just one demonstration visit is all it takes!

Have them give us a call at 888-328-2841 or drop us an email today at to see how easy it is to supplement their carts with a fleet of GolfBoards – they won’t regret it!

man riding golfboard

Learning how to use and ride a GolfBoard takes only minutes. Step up on the stable ‘flex-deck’ platform, take hold of the stability handle, and gently pull the throttle trigger to begin your GolfBoard experience.

You are in total control of the GolfBoard speed based on how firmly you squeeze the trigger, and simply leaning left or right facilitates the steering of the board left or right – the harder you lean the sharper you turn.

By the time you put out on #1 you will be well on your way to being a GolfBoard Pro!


Coming soon to our website will be a map where you can find GolfBoards available in your area, as well as a map of GolfBoard-Friendly clubs where you can use your own GolfBoard!

Are You A Golf Professional?
We are in development of a Golf Professional Representative Program for the GolfBoard which will enable registered Golf Pros to get their own GolfBoard at a discount with financing programs available. Golf Pros will earn a generous commission from sales resulting from their representative efforts.

Please send a letter introducing yourself to
We’re looking forward to working with you!