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We are explorers, curators and providers of the world’s most exciting and effective training modalities. Breathe, Move, Recover XPT, Extreme Performance Training™, is a performance lifestyle rooted in the most basic yet powerful human trait: the ability to adapt. Challenge yourself with cutting-edge techniques through our Breathe, Move, Recover curriculum designed to stimulate growth in all aspects of human performance through exposure to a variety of natural elements and environments. XPT’s holistic performance approach will push you to become the most versatile and resilient human being possible.

Breath work: Performance Breathing®

XPT started the movement of lifestyle breathing. We have the only trademarked breathing that people can learn and implement through an App or through an Ecourse.

Breathing influences every system and function within the body. Breathing is the foundation of life. The first step in enhancing health, performance, and longevity is through the optimization of breath.

Breathing influences every system and function within the body and if done properly, it will promote oxygen transport to all the vital organs and tissues of the body. Breathing can act as the doorway to a calm, relaxed mental state and can be used to control fear, anxiety, anger, and stress while promoting restful sleep. Through correct breathing habits, new levels of health, performance, fitness, and wellness can be realized, for any application or activity. Performance Breathing® originally started through the exploration of legendary big wave surfer, pioneer, and XPT Founder, Laird Hamilton. In an effort to improve his breath-hold capabilities and to stay relaxed and calm when held under giant waves, Laird began the ancient Polynesian practice of carrying heavy stones underwater. This evolved into the exploration of breath-holding and breathing practices on dry land with influence from dozens of methods and teachers. Breathing practices have been around for centuries. Performance Breathing combines ancient practices with new-age science to create a breathing program that can enhance performance across a wide spectrum of activities. From professional athletes, elite military units, and high-powered executives, to young children and elderly alike, XPT Performance Breathing can set the foundation for massive progress in all aspects of one’s life. The research on using breath-work to enhance physical and mental health and performance goes back decades and has been curated by XPT Breathing Advisors and fitness experts to find the most effective methods for every situation. Performance Breathing methods are broken into three distinct categories, each to be applied to create a specific result.


Movement is a fundamental human ability that is being destroyed by modern society. XPT aims to restore these foundational human abilities creating highly versatile and resilient individuals.
XPT started the movement of underwater training. We started the movement of multi-conditioning programs that includes nature.

“Don’t be a liability.” – Laird Hamilton

Movement is a fundamental human ability that is being destroyed by modern society.

As young children we possess a vast array of movement qualities, then through years of sitting and discontinued use of activity mixed with one-dimensional fitness pursuits, we lose many of these abilities. XPT aims to restore these foundational human abilities creating highly versatile and resilient individuals. XPT Move training programs include workouts with varied skills, environments, and priorities that ensure no stone is left unturned.


sessions focus mainly on improving functional strength through every major movement pattern, building lean muscle, burning body fat, reducing injuries, and improving performance. We believe in assessing, correcting, and strengthening proper movement patterns while shifting the priority to movement quality over task completion. This paradigm shift is paramount to building a body that is ready to perform and that is resilient to injury for years to come.

XPT Nature

XPT Nature encourages participants to get outside and reconnect with nature. With the luxury of climate-controlled homes and convenient transportation, the average American adult spends 93% of their time indoors. The power of nature influencing the body and mind has been documented and discussed across thousands of years and cultures. XPT aims to inspire people to get outside of their comfort zone and embrace the magic of nature.

XPT Water

XPT Intensity training aims to stimulate conditioning across the entire spectrum of energy systems. From short-duration, high-intensity bouts, to extended endurance sessions, XPT Intensity raises the threshold to create well-rounded performance capabilities that are transferable to a vast array of sports or activities. The variety of environments, movements, and skills in XPT Move programs brings ever-changing stressors to the body and mind to force constant growth. This can lead to improvements in performance across a multitude of tasks in daily life, work, or sports performance.


The real magic happens when we allow optimal time for recovery, enabling the body to adapt to the training by coming back stronger, faster, leaner, and better conditioned.

The only training sessions that count are the ones you can recover from.

We don’t get better in the gym, we leave the gym weaker, slower, and in worse condition than when we walked in the door. The real magic happens when we allow optimal time for recovery, enabling the body to adapt to the training by coming back stronger, faster, leaner, and better conditioned.

As a society, we’ve become great at annihilating ourselves, pushing until failure in the weight room, running ourselves into the ground in conditioning, then attacking our personal and professional lives with the same intensity. We can only drive in 5th gear for so long before the car starts to breakdown, failing to perform. This is why recovery has become an extremely important buzzword in the fitness industry over the last five years.

XPT Recover. XPT Recover takes an active approach to recovery. Instead of forcing people to just sit on the couch and rest, at XPT we introduce methods that stimulate neuromuscular and cardiovascular recovery while also taking advantage of dozens of psychological and physiological adaptations.

XPT Ice & Heat. XPT Ice & Heat sessions introduce participants to the use of extreme thermal stress. Through freezing ice baths and hot saunas, we can promote physical and mental recovery from intense training, work or life stress, and high-level competition. We also take advantage of building mental resilience and learning how to mitigate the emotional stress response, which can transcend outside of these recovery sessions and provide useful tools when facing stressful situations in daily life.

XPT Nutrition. XPT Nutrition is designed to fuel a high-performance lifestyle and provide the building blocks for recovery from the most intense routines. XPT continues to explore and curate the most effective methods for recovery. Whether you practice simple tactics such as breath, sleep, and nutrition, or you take the more extreme approach with ice & heat therapy and recovery-based water workouts, you will continue to drive your health forward. Through ongoing experimentation and validation of ancient and modern-day methodology, XPT provides the tools for you to achieve and maintain a high performance and limitless lifestyle.

XPT started the sports and lifestyle movement for icing and heating as a system. A system that Gabby Reece, Laird Hamilton, and all XPT Advisors and Coaches implement into their daily lives.

How to do xpt

The next generation of Performance Training.

Breathe, move, and recover better than ever with the brand-new XPT Life app.

XPT Life allows you to follow along with the best from its Breathe, Move, and Recover training methodologies and features cutting-edge educational content from the XPT team of leading coaches and advisors.

Performance education from industry experts. Videos, articles, podcasts, and more from our team of XPT coaches, advisors, and ambassadors.

Impactful Breathwork. Over 70 XPT Performance Breathing™ routines featuring the voices of Laird Hamilton, Gabby Reece and the extended XPT team for improving sleep, training, focus, clarity, and performance, managing stress, and more.

Workouts for everyone. A growing library of fun, challenging, and unconventional workouts curated from the many years of XPT physical experiences. Our diverse workout programming targets meaningful results through its alignment with the human body’s natural movement patterns.

Structured Programs. Multi-week, goal-oriented training programs targeting critical areas like functional hypertrophy, mobility, strength, and athleticism.

Dedicated Recovery. Active recovery techniques featuring stretching, XPT Performance Breathing™, and XPT’s ‘fire and ice’ protocols to help you take control of your recovery and get the most out of your training.

Impactful Nutrition. Fuel your body for success with guidance, research, recipes, and more from XPT Performance Nutrition Advisor Dan Garner.

Cast to your TV. Portrait and landscape orientation and casting support, allowing you to stream workouts to your smart TV.

Support for Apple Watch and HealthKit. Apple Watch support, allowing you to monitor your workouts and breathing protocols, all from your wrist.

Join an Experience

Join surf legend and innovator Laird Hamilton and former professional athlete Gabby Reece + the XPT Team on a 3-day ultimate fitness adventure. Learn the complete XPT Breathe. Move. Recover. Curriculum through performance breathing, pool training, gym training, nature workouts, ice-heat therapy and recovery.

Benefits of attending…

No matter where you are in this moment of your life, physically and mentally, an XPT Experience will give you the tools to build a stronger, more empowered and confident self. Whether you are already familiar and comfortable within this space or are looking to push your boundaries and learn something new, an XPT Experience will prove invaluable to your overall growth. Through the leadership of some of the strongest minds and bodies in sport, fitness and science, you will learn why and how to implement XPT’s Breathe, Move, and Recover curriculum into your everyday life and leave feeling like a new person, equipped to take on whatever life presents.

XPT leads 2-3 experiences a year.

Get Educated

Take the Performance Breathing course.
The most comprehensive guide to breathwork in existence.

Harness the power of the breath to influence the mind, enhance fitness, control stress & emotional states, and improve health and performance. Understand and master breathwork across a full spectrum of techniques and learn core principles that will reshape the way you look at breathing for every situation. 

“Every breath you take is a step towards optimization or dysfunction. You are going to breathe anyway, so why not start there as the foundation for long-term lifestyle optimization?” ~ PJ Nestler | XPT Performance Director


Breathing is the foundation of life. It influences every system and cell in the body and everybody is doing it thousands of times per day. However, many of us never put conscious thought into our breath, and never learn how to do it properly. We end up taking thousands of dysfunctional breaths per day and never even know it. In this online-only course, you will learn why optimal breathing is so important, how to assess functional and dysfunctional breathing in various situations, and how to teach and prescribe dozens of breathing methods designed to enhance your physical and mental health, performance, and longevity.

This online course includes: 15+ hours of instruction, research, and guided practicals  

This online course is a no-fail course which you can take at your own pace for up to 2 months (60 days from purchase).


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We think so.

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