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3 Responses to “CONTACT

  • Avatar
    erik canseco
    3 years ago

    HEllo, sir my name is erik canseco
    i discovered the greatest diet known to man, discovered by a dr adjonous vonderplanitz, it is amazing and you dont age, in fact you get younger, i am not lyng althought ..its extremely tabooo

    raw meat(any flesh food) i eat raw meat and its amazing parasites are good so are bacteria, raw beef restores lymph, fish restores nerves and chicken restores tendon

    raw milk
    raw butter

    raw eggs

    thank you, i have been on it for abought 2 years, its amazing, its so tabooo no one listens, most people cant processed cook vegtables, u can eat raw veggies but mostly dont

  • Avatar
    Andrew Spooner
    3 years ago

    Could I visit and work on strength and implement more discipline issues are difficult to overcome. I have always admired your accomplishments from mags. + videos. Can’t believe I am writing this maybe it’s worth a try after watching karate kid recently.💝😌

  • Avatar
    chuck arnold
    3 years ago

    Mr. Hamilton, you are the best big wave surfer in the history of surfing, whenever you bring up an Idea that has anything to do with surfing, EVERYBODY listens. I have a idea that I think will help keep Surfers safe in places where White Sharks patrol. A few years ago a video popped up on youtube(I’m sure you’ve seen it) showing one of the White Sharks that come to the Faralon Islands every year being killed by a Orca, and then every White shark in the area left, and didn’t come back until the following season. We know now that when Killer Whales are around, every White shark in the area bails. If somebody made a few Life Size Killer Whale Robo Decoys and positioned them around the areas people are going to surf, it should keep White Sharks far away from those areas, might even help if Surfers painted their boards to look like Orcas. Your the man when it comes to surfing, everybody knows and respects you and your ideas, nobody knows me, but you could get somebody to try this method. It is a method that no one has tried yet, and there’s plenty of videos that show proof that it works. I don’t want to be or see anymore Surfers killed by Sharks. Again, it is a method that no one has ever tried before, and its also a method that puts NO ONE in harms way to carry it out . Only one way to find out, right?


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