The Ultimate Waterman is the search to find the world’s best all-round waterman.

This will be an annual event.
First event: March 14-21 2015 in New Zealand.

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For the first time ever, the world’s finest watermen will come together in New Zealand to compete in 6 different surfing disciplines over eight days.The invitation-only contest will seek out the best conditions the country has to offer, creating a unique event that will test the eight elite competitors’ skill and endurance in some of the planet’s most stunning coastline.

Meteorologists and local experts will be employed to forecast conditions, with event officials using this information to determine where the best conditions for each discipline will be on any given day.

The Watermen and event crew will then drive or fly, either by plane or helicopter from the hub in Auckland to each selected discipline location, adopting a “guerrilla-like” approach with high intensity, flexibility and manoeuvrability.

With wider mass-participation and exhibition events all based at a hub site on the Auckland waterfront, The Ultimate Waterman is sure to be a global extreme sport sensation.

The Watermen will be joined on tour by high profile guest commentators/experts such as Big Wave Pioneer Ross Clarke-Jones. Ross brings much experience and integrity to this unique event through his expert analysis and comments.

The event also has the backing of Hawaiian Ambassadors Titus Kinimaka and Laird Hamilton.