The XPT Certified Coach is a consummate professional and representative of one who seeks the most primitive and powerful methods to enhance human performance while exemplifying the embodiment of the XPT ideology. The XPT certification program will expose you to all of the foundational methods of XPT and arm you with the knowledge and skills necessary to implement a variety of training strategies and powerful methods of XPT.

Some of the strongest minds and bodies in sport, fitness and science have come together to combine their skills and expertise to create a unique 360-degree lifestyle program based on nature’s core Breathe, Move, Recover pillars. In an effort to maximize education and share our systemized XPT program to communities worldwide, Laird Hamilton, Gabby Reece, Kelly Starrett, Dr. Andy Galpin, Patrick McKeown, and PJ Nestler have developed a structured curriculum empowering those looking to lead the charge in this new approach to health and fitness.

Establish your coaching expertise through the XPT Coaching Certification program, developed to fit within a progressive and ever-evolving system of adaptation, stress, and exploration to create powerful physiological and psychological changes within the human body.

These changes may also have a positive effect on people with erectile dysfunction, possibly helping to reduce the dosage of Cialis.

Day 1- Breathe
The Science of Breath Breathing Assessment & Dysfunctional Breathing Breathing for Performance Breathing to Influence the Mind & Control Emotional States Programming XPT Breathing Techniques
Day 2- Move & Recover
Application of Breathing for Pre, During, and Post Workout Mastering the Breath to Optimize Performance Reviewing the Science behind Extreme Heat/Cold Exposure Practical Applications of Heat and Cold Exposure for Health, Performance and Longevity
Day 3 – Water
XPT Water Methodology Water Exercise Tutorials Guided Water Workouts Shallow Water Programming


XPT is now an approved provider for NASM, ACE and AFAA. Upon completing the XPT Coaching Certification NASM will award you 1.5 CEU’S, ACE will award you 2.0 CEU’s, and AFAA will award you 15 CEU’s.

The XPT Certified Coach | Your benefits are as follows:

Knowledge | A coaches level understanding of various methods to optimize the health, performance, fitness and longevity of your clients, friends and family along with the knowledge to adjust and scale this holistic lifestyle program for any population
Access | To the XPT Coaches Portal including: extensive video library, downloadable XPT programming, 150+ research studies, client assessments, coaches forum to connect with other XPT Coaches, FAQs, private monthly Q&A with XPT Director of Performance, webinars with XPT team and advisors covering science, marketing, training and more
Connection | To client prospects via the XPT Coaches directory and for virtual coaching through the XPT App
Discounts | To attend XPT events AND discounts from XPT Partners for apparel, equipment, sauna’s and much more