Hawaii-based videographer Adam Guy recently captured an awe-inspiring foilboarding session of Laird Hamilton in Kauai. With tow-in from a jet ski, Hamilton glides a foot above waves as he outruns the curling surf.

A foilboard is a surfboard with a hydrofoil attached below. When a surfer reaches a high enough speed — with the help of a jet ski or kite — the foil lifts the board above the water. By riding the submerged foil, surfers get a speed boost from reduced friction along with a smoother ride that’s not susceptible to choppy water.

The result is flowing, mesmerizing surf lines, and this isn’t the only session Guy shot of Hamilton. For more foilboarding action, check out Guy’s aerial drone footage from last spring.

-Matt Allyn
for MensJournal.com
January 2015