Posted: Jan 12 2015

Laird BO B-W medium

Laird StandUp introduces new innovative standup surfboard design for 2015!
Truckee, CA: January 12, 2015; Laird StandUp, a global standup paddle company ( announces the release of a new precision line that will redefine
how boards are shaped in the Stand Up Paddle industry.

The “Surrator”(patent pending) the latest innovation from Laird and fellow waterman, Terry Chung will be revealed and made publicly available online today at and in these select retailers: OEX- Point Loma San Diego, CA; SUP To You- Laguna Beach, CA;
Tarsan Stand Up Paddle- Redondo Beach, CA; Becker Surfboards –Malibu, CA; Hanalei Surf-Hanalei Kauai, HI

The name Laird Hamilton brings up words like such as powerhouse, innovator and pioneer conjuring up images of big wave riding, standup paddling and tow -in surfing. So it shouldn’t be a surprise he’s pushing the envelope once again with this new design for his standup paddleboard line! Said Brand Manager Byron Seegers.

The “Surrator” features precision serrated rails with specificity to the depth and length of each serration. The pull in nose allows for late take offs, faster down the line speed, ability to make angle take offs and lighter swing weight. As water flows past the nose it reaches the serrated rails that work like knobby versus slick tires allowing the rider to take a higher line and generate more speed. The rider will be able to generate more power into stronger carving lines with bottom turns and roundhouse cut backs. The rounded pintail allows for greater railto-rail control and longer turning angles. Every detail of the “Surrator” has been thought out carefully from the high tech design, detailed colors to the state of the art PVC and carbon option construction.

The “Surrator” made its debut during the swell of the decade in Malibu, CA this summer when Laird ‘shot the pier’ multiple times on some of the biggest waves Malibu has seen in years. The “Surrator” allowed Laird to take off deep in the wave and sustain his position high on the face of the wave to fire past sections all the way through the pier!
Check out the new line details, video and more at

About LAIRD StandUpWorld renowned “Waterman” Laird Hamilton is known as the guiding genius of crossover board sports, and is largely considered the primary influence
behind many surfing innovations, including tow-in surfing, stand-up paddle boarding, and hydrofoil boarding. Surfer Magazine has labeled Laird as, “the sport’s most complete surfer, displaying almost unnerving expertise in a multitude of disciplines, and flat out surfing’s biggest, boldest, bravest, and the best big wave surfer in the world today, bar none.” In 2012, Laird teamed up with Nidecker (a Swiss based snowboard company) to develop his own standup paddle company, quickly becoming the most technical and innovative boards of the sport. For more information, questions and interview inquiries, please email –