Laird StandUp – StandUp Paddle Boards Construction Recap

Posted: May 30 2013

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At Laird StandUp, our design emphasis is on shaping stand up paddle boards that deliver the ultimate stand up paddling experience. We believe that boards can be shaped to accommodate all levels of paddlers, while exceeding all expectations for stability and performance!

1 Fiberglass
2 Wood Stringer
3 1.5lb EPS foam

Lightweight, high-performance construction featuring a 1.5 lb expanded polystyrene (EPS) core and the highest quality resin and -fiberglass-.

PRODUCTS: Surfer / Surfer Hybrid Boards / Fire Fish / The Bully

1 Fiberglass
2 Bamboo Veneer
3 Fiberglass
4 Wood Stringer
5 1.5lb EPS foam

A strong, vacuum-bag composite construction with a 1.5lb EPS core, the highest quality resin and fiberglass, and additional PVC or bamboo veneer for strength and durability.

PRODUCT: Surfer and Surfer Hybrid Boards
EPS-Carbon Composite

1 Paint
2 Fiberglass
3 Bamboo Veneer
4 Carbon
5 1lb EPS foam

These boards are built with 1lb EPS-Composite construction with the addition of carbon fiber for stiffness and strength.

PRODUCT: LXT Touring 12’6 and 14′


EPS-Carbon Race
1 Paint
2 Fiberglass
3 Carbon
4 1lb EPS foam

Lightweight and very high performance, these boards are built with 1lb EPS foam cores, carbon, and fiberglass. They are the fastest boards in the world, bar none.

PRODUCT: LXR 12’6 and 14′



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