Choosing Your SUP Board from Team Laird Hamilton

Posted: Jul 17, 2012

 Knowing what size SUP board to get is everyone’s top question. There are many variables for finding the right sup board for you. We strongly recommend renting a board a few times to find which size works best for your needs. See our recommendations below!

Laird’s ‘Laird StandUp’ SUP boards are shaped and designed with Bob Pearson. Laird and Bob Pearson team up to build you the ultimate SUP boards for the best experience for flat water paddling, paddle surfing, and long distance paddling.


10’0, 10’6
These SUP boards are for those looking to standup surf waves in the ocean. They are also great for women and children as they are lighter and easier to carry around.. As you go up in size the more stable a board becomes.

11’0 & 11’6
These SUP boards can still be used in small surf. It is a popular size as it is a bit more stable in choppy conditions and is good for flat water paddling, and cruising around lakes as well.

This is the ‘everyone’ SUP board. The 12’1 is your ideal board for stand up paddling around lakes and the calm ocean. It is stable and can be used by multiple people of all sizes. Families love these boards to share with all members in the family with all skill levels to enjoy. Cruisers love this board to cruise.

12’6 and 14’0s
12’6 and 14’0s are for both touring and for racing. The touring boards are very stable and paddle with ease where ever you decide to paddle. The race boards are designed to go fast. Being a little narrower then the touring style board they are not as stable as the touring board but have outstanding glide per stroke moving you quickly through the water.

Custom SUP Boards are great in so many ways.
Get a custom SUP board if you are a superior rider looking for a fine tuned ride and know your exact dimensions you are looking for. Get a custom SUP board if you want your personality on the board; your own color, your own design, name, quote, photo etc.

Get a custom SUP board if you would feel comfortable paddling a larger board! You want to have an enjoyable experience and this usually means riding a board that will hold you pretty stable and not tip or go under. Custom boards are not typically more expensive. We are happy to put in order in for you to get a quote from one of the best shaper’s in the business Bob Pearson. Call or email to get your quote today. – 310-717-0623

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