XPT puts on 2 and 3 day experiences to give people the opportunity to experience everything XPT involves; training in the pool, in the gym, on the land, and in the ocean, breathing sessions for pre-workout, post workout, during workouts, and for daily life, recovery methods such a as ice baths and saunas for hormone and metabolism balancing, muscle recovery, and so much more. One of the greatest things about XPT is the community aspect. Laird, Brian, and Gabby know how important it is for individual success to workout and surround yourself with like minded people that encourage and support one another. People who want to achieve good health and be active.
XPT experiences hold from 20-40 people at a time all working through each XPT component together including meals. Fueling yourself with the proper foods is a huge component to XPT. Some of our past participants said one of their favorite things about the experience is the down time, the in-between moments and meals where they get to talk one on one with Laird, Brian, and Gabby and learn the little things about their life and approach to it. Our Experiences are unique and can be life changing for some.

We realize not everyone can afford the cost to attend, this is why we offer 2 free sessions to the public (an hour long circuit workout and a breathing session) on either the 2nd or 3rd day depending on each event’s schedule.

Here is a look at this summer’s upcoming Experiences.

June 29,30,July1st – this is sold out but a few spots are left for our Open Community sessions July 1 9:00-11:00 at Malibu Bluff’s Park. Gabby will lead her HIGHX workout and Laird and Brian will lead XPT Breathing. We will have a DJ and special prizes to give away including a FITBit!

July 6-7-8 we are heading to Montauk! This is the first time XPT heads to the east coast. Space is still available.

July 14-15 XPT heads to the RobbReport’s Health Summit in Deer Valley, UT. Laird and Gabby will be co hosting the event and XPT will be doing 3 sessions.
In order to participate in Robb Report’s Health & Wellness Summit, sign up at RobbReport.com/health-wellness-summit!
To see a little glimpse of what you will experience at the summit, check out the video of Laird, Gabby, and Brian demonstrating what they do in XPT training!
August 17-18-19 we head back to Malibu to do another Experience and will have XPT Advisor Wim Hof joining us and leading his breathing methods as well as providing incredible wisdom and inspiration to us all. A few spots left for this experience. SIGNUP

We have more great XPT Experiences in the works so make sure to check back. Upcoming; Carmel, CA (Sept) – Malibu, CA (Sept) Teherow, OR (Sept) – Kauai, HI (Nov or Dec)