Laird and Gabby turn heads as they appear in this years ESPN The #BodyIssue. It wasn’t a quick yes as I’m sure most everyone would be a little hesitant when asked to be photographed nude. Gabby has been in the modeling business since the age of 15. She has been exposed to the cameras and all that comes with it. Laird on the other hand has focused on riding big waves and inventing ocean sports. His good looks have been secondary to say the least in his day to day. But they talked about it and decided as a team to participate. Both workout 6 days a week and are very conscious about what they eat for several reasons; health, performance, energy and longevity. They enjoy the taste of food like everyone else and have found their magic combinations of healthy foods that they enjoy and that are obviously working for them. Together with high intensity health and fitness they are looking pretty good.

Laird, Gabby and Photographer Peggy Serota shot at a private beach house in Malibu, and far out into the ocean the day of the shoot.
*Peggy Sirota has worked with Gabby and Laird before making it a bit more comfortable to get in front of the camera.

Gabrielle Reece and Laird Hamilton CREDIT: Peggy Sirota