You can always count on Gabby and Laird to keep their fitness level progressing by developing new functional training movements and innovative training methodologies. Nothing could be much more unique or challenging than their underwater functional training pool workout. This underwater exercise routine combines resistance training with functional movements and breath control for a workout that can’t be replicated any other way.

After several years of refinement, Gabby and Laird have refined this distinctive training method in to a comprehensive fitness regimen almost any athlete can use to advance their fitness level without the risk of injury from similar land based programs. As such, athletes of all types show up from time to time to train with Gabby and Laird in order to learn some of the movements most applicable to their individual sport.

This past weekend surfing world champion Kelly Slater stopped by to experience firsthand an underwater functional training workout, and with Laird out in some big surf, Gabby was willing to take him through an intense training session. Of course, Kelly being one of the world’s top watermen quickly got the hang of things, and was soon matching Gabby stride for stride. It was an amazing workout just to witness as both Gabby and Kelly demonstrated perfect breath control along with an ultra-high level of fitness worthy of truly world class athletes.

Check out this underwater workout HD video, it will inspire you to want to jump in the pool and get going with your own water-based program.