Laird Hamilton Speaking

A force in and out of the water, Laird Hamilton is not only a surfing legend, but an inspirational leader who demonstrates wit, candor and sheer motivation.


Laird shares his tips and strategies for setting value systems, managing stress, taking care of your inside and outside so you can thrive in the workplace.

The Innovation Tool Box
Laird Hamilton, shares his own journey that has led him to express himself, provoke creativity, and follow his passions. His outlook will inspire, provoke excellence and encourage superior leadership.

Mental Workshop
Laird shares his own methods for cultivating balance, managing stress, and corralling emotions to help build mental strength.

Customize your event to get the results you want and need to empower your team. Laird can speak on any of these personal topics:

-His Journey: overcoming adversity, staying true

-Tools/Protocols: managing stress (health, fitness, meditation)

-Overcoming Fear-Mindset: empowerment, faith, support

-Productivity: consistency, hard work

-The Risk/Reward Factor

-Leadership + Camaraderie

-The Importance of Breath / Guided breathwork

*Personalized virtual health and fitness programs available


KEY NOTES | In Person or Virtual
Inspirationals talk followed by a QandA with options for a meet / greet, book signing, photo op.

WORKSHOPS | 1/2 Day, Full Day, or Virtual
Off site: In person 1/2 day or full day XPT workshops are available in Malibu & Kauai. Or Laird can come to you.

Workshops can include: Breathing, Mobility, Pool Training, Sand, Stand Up Paddle, Ice & Heat, Lectures, and Meals.


To book or get more info please contact: |
or call 310-717-0623.

Laird Hamilton
Laird Hamilton

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