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Laird Hamilton is changing the way people approach training. XPTLIFE.COM

Laird Hamilton and Gabby Reece are the leading health and fitness experts for extreme and professional athletes. They have opened the doors to mainstream fitness with ‘XPT’.

XPT – Extreme Performance Training – consists of Water workouts, Land workouts, and Air enhancing routines such as Breathing, Heat, and Ice – a unique combination of all our natural elements to incorporate into anyone’s lifestyle.

XPT is the first ever developed complete fitness lifestyle system containing exceptional workouts and tools for performance level results that extend beyond the physical efforts of calorie burning and strength building. It’s a program that includes the components of body, mind, and spirit to keep people closer to their once lost natural ability. It’s not a quick fitness program leaving you with short handed results. It’s a comprehensive inspirational, fun active lifestyle system that brings all of the best practices of health fitness, and sport together for long term results. READ MORE ABOUT XPT HERE.

Laird Hamilton
Laird Hamilton

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  • Laird,

    Being based in Europe, I would like to know whether I can become certified in XPT and what the conditions would be.
    Ps: worked through wim Hoff’s method and participating at his Spanish Pyrenees week I’m July

  • Hello xpt my name is todd i am emailing you to see if you can tell what to fitness standards for a big wave surfer would be.Meaning the lung fitness test strength and cardiovascular i like to ride the spin bike and run on a treadmill and do sprints at the footy oval near my home the pool is too far away but i can use a pool and the ocean when i go away surfing down to the coast.What would be a good 10 km run time be thank you very much your friend todd.

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    4 years ago

    My name is Scottie, I’m 56 years young, I’m 12 weeks into a full knee replacement surgery, i gained 25 pounds during my recovery (ugh) would XPT training be ok for me?

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