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'The Surfer' Stand Up Paddle Boards
Available in 9, 9'6, 10', 10'6, 11', 12'

These SUP boards are for Performance Surf or All-Around.


Available in both EPS-HP and EPS-Composite constructions, the original Laird-Pearson shape represents the state of-the-art for all-around, high-performance surfing, and are our most popular boards worldwide. The unique template with a low-entry nose and rounded pin-tail paddles, accelerates beautifully, and is incredibly maneuverable. The 10’6” x 32” “Easy” model offers extra stability, and the larger versions are also great for flat-water touring.

EPS-HP: White/Red, White/Blue, Orange/Yellow/Lime
EPS Composite: Bamboo Red, Bamboo Blue

Specs for the 9'
Length 9’
Width 28.75” 
Height 4”
Volume (LT) 120
Weight (HP) 18.5lbs
Weight (Composite) 21lbs

Specs for the 9'6
Length 9’6
Width 28.75” 
Height 4”
Volume (LT) 125
Weight (HP) 19 lbs
Weight (Composite) 22lbs

Specs for the 10'
Length  10'         
Width    29"        
Height   4⅛"       
Volume (Lt)  130        
Weight HP   20 lbs          
Weight Composite  23 lbs

Specs for the 10'6
Length  10'6''
Width    30"        
Height   4⅛"       
Volume (Lt)  140        
Weight HP   20.5 lbs       
Weight Composite  23.5 lbs
Specs for the 10'6 x 32
Length  10'6''
Width    32"        
Height   4⅛"       
Volume (Lt)  150        
Weight HP   21 lbs       
Weight Composite  24 lbs

Specs for the 11'
Length  11'         
Width    30½"             
Height   4¼"             
Volume (Lt)  150        
Weight HP   21 lbs          
Weight Composite  24 lbs

Specs for the 11'6
Length    11'6''
Width    31"   
Height    4¼"   
Volume (Lt)    160   
Weight HP   22 lbs   
Weight Composite    25.5 lbs

Specs for the 12'
Length  12'
Width    32"
Height   4¼"
Volume (Lt)   175
Weight HP 23 lbs
Weight Composite  26.5 lbs

All Boards Come With:
4 Side Fins and 1 Center Fin
A Built in Easy Carry Handle
An Applied Deckpad
A Vent Plug


Lightweight, high-performance construction featuring a 1.5 lb expanded polystyrene (EPS) core and the highest quality resin and -fiberglass-.


A strong, vacuum-bag composite construction with a 1.5lb EPS core, the highest quality resin and fiberglass, and additional PVC or bamboo veneer for strength and durability.

What is the ideal weight for say the 9'6 Surfer?
9'6 (Ideal for people that are 85 kilos to 100 kilos)